Getting Started

Welcome! I look forward to seeing you today at 1:45 pm in Whitehead 517.

Berckheyde, Gerrit (Northern Netherlands, 1638-1698), The Market Square at Haarlem with the Great or St. Bavo’s Church, the Meat Market and the Fish Market, 1696.

1) Please download the PDF of the course syllabus here and review it. We will go over it together, but it would be good to look it over on your own as well.

2) There are three books required for this class, which are available at the Brooklyn College bookstore (you can also click on each title to be taken to the Amazon page for each):

3) Aside from the textbook reading, there is a short but very important PDF I want you to read for Tuesday. It is an excerpt from a book called Tastes of Paradise by Wolfgang Schivelbusch. You can download the PDF from this password-protected page here. Please note that I have emailed you the password to gain access to this page.

4) Lastly, I will post the first set of web questions on Wednesday evening. Everyone is required to respond to the web questions at least six time, so it would be a good idea to get started on them right away. You need to provide an answer of at least a paragraph. You should follow the guidelines for posting on the course website, which you find here, or on pages three and four of the syllabus.


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