Web Question Schedule

Thursday, June 8: Chapter 22 & 23 Questions – Zexun Yu

Ch. 22 – Transoceanic Encounters and Global Connections

Ch. 23: – The Transformation of Europe

Wednesday, June 13: Chapter 24 & 25 Questions – Daniel Chitrick

Ch. 24 – New Worlds: The Americas and Oceania

Ch. 25 – Africa and the Atlantic World

Thursday, June 14: Chapter 26 Questions – Niara Calliste

Ch. 26: Tradition and Change in East Asia

Monday, June 18 Chapter 27 Questions – Madiha Rao

Ch. 27: The Islamic Empires

Zahiruddin Mohammed Babur, The Moghul Empire of India

Wednesday, June 20: Chapter 28 Questions – Lindsay Poulakos

Ch. 28, Revolutions and the National States in the Atlantic World

Thomas Paine, Common Sense

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

Maximilian Robespierre, Justification of the Use of Terror

Mary Wollstonecraft, A System of False Education

Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, pp. 109-114

Monday, June 25: Chapter 29 & Capitalism Questions

Ch. 29, The Making of Industrial Society – Dinghua Zeng

Capitalism Readings

Ch. 2: Where Did Capitalism Come From? – Katrina Casino

Ch. 3: How Did We Get Here? read the “Anarchic Capitalism” and “Managed Capitalism” sections, pp. 38-47. – Levi McClellan

Ch. 6: Crisis? What Crisis? read “Crises of the 19th Century,” pp. 106-108 – Aleksandr Ashurov

Thursday, June 28: Chapter 32 Questions – Levi McClellan

Ch. 32, The Building of Global Empires

The Platt Amendment & The American Anti-Imperialist League

Jules Ferry, “French Colonial Expansion”

Tuesday, July 3: Chapter 34 Questions 

Ch. 34, An Age of Anxiety (Interwar Period)

Freud, On Human Nature – Tabia Chu

Capitalism: Ch. 6: Crisis? What Crisis? read “The Great Depression in the 1930s”, pp. 108-113 – Alex Ashirov

Monday, July 9: Chapter 36 Web Questions – Gulnaz Aglyamova & Jemima Georges

Chap. 36, New Conflagrations: World War II and the Cold War

Harry S. Truman, The Truman Doctrine

Eyewitness Account of Einsatz Executions (1942)


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